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Banner graphic for the Band of Mid America

Hot Brass is an energetic and multi-talented group of musicians performing billboard and popular music hits, new and old.  A subset of the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America, Hot Brass engages audiences through the Midwest in contemporary music tailored to meet the desires of the wide-range of listeners we serve.   

Hot Brass, a twelve-piece ensemble combining vocals, drums, guitar, and horns, thrives on diversity and creates a musical gumbo of genres to exploit each musician’s musical background. When the performing environment demands different styles or mobility, Hot Brass easily breaks down into a small pop combo and a brass quintet. The ensemble’s unique blend of music also includes patriotic selections for special occasions

Hot Brass serves as musical ambassadors for the Air Force in free civic outreach concerts to people of all ages throughout Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Because of the versatility and portability of this high-powered ensemble, their performances are always in high demand. Whether supporting community relations concerts, fairs, public school concerts and clinics, recruiting, or special military engagements, Hot Brass represents the pride and professionalism found every day throughout the United States Air Force in fun and energizing musical performance.


Band of Mid-America Marching Band

Band of MId-America performing during a deployment

Band of Mid-America "Starlifter" performing

Band of Mid-America "Shades of Blue" performing