Premier Band Vacancies:

The USAF Band, Washington D.C.

Info: (800) 283-8995
Email: USAF Band Auditions Team

Premier Band Vacancies:

The USAF Academy Band, Peterson SFB, CO

Info: (719) 556-9916
Email: USAF Academy Band Audition Team

Regional Band Vacancies

Unlike the premier bands located at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington D.C. and Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO, the Air Force regional bands do not hold auditions for specific locations or vacancies; you are auditioning for entrance into the regional band career field as an Air Force Airman and musician and could be stationed at any one of our regional band locations.

Air National Guard Band Vacancies

Air National Guard (ANG) Bands regularly have openings for instrumentalists and vocalists. Visit each ANG Band site for audition announcements:

ANG Band of the Midwest

ANG Band of the Northeast

ANG Band of the South

ANG Band of the Southwest

ANG Band of the West Coast

Auditions Mailing List