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The United States Air Force Band, Washington D.C.

(202) 767-9253

U.S. Air Force Academy Band

(719) 556-9930

U.S. Air Force Band of Flight

(937) 257-6526

U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America

(618) 229-8188

U.S. Air Force Band of the Golden West

(707) 424-2263

U.S. Air Force Band of the Pacific-Hawaii

(808) 448-0281

U.S. Air Force Band of the West

(210) 925-7771

U.S. Air Force Heartland of America Band

(402) 294-8192

U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band

(757) 225-3295

Air Force Public Affairs Agency - Music Copyright, Licensing and Website Support (TX)

(210) 652-7010