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Banner graphic for the Band of Mid America

STARLIFTER is a seven piece electrifying, high energy rock band of Active Duty Airmen. This dynamic group stationed with the Band of Mid-America is assembled from areas throughout North America. The Starlifter experience will leave you wanting more and guessing what they will play next as your hear your favorite rock, pop and country tunes from the last 40 years in a fresh new way.

Starlifter showcases Air Force excellence to millions of people each year, performing throughout the Midwest across a ten state area of responsibility. The band’s versatility comes from their diverse musical backgrounds and experiences – providing an exciting and engaging show for military and civilian audiences at home or overseas. Starlifter performs stateside at professional sporting events, military air shows, schools, universities and community festivals. They also perform in deployed environments, austere communities and embassies all over the world. 

Starlifter is a component from the Band of Mid-America, the musical ambassador of Air Mobility Command. In any given year, the Band of Mid-America and its component ensembles perform more than 400 engagements for millions of people.

Starlifter honors those who have served, inspires a heightened sense of patriotism and service in all Americans, and connects with the local community on behalf of the United States military. The excellence demonstrated by these Airmen is a reflection of the excellence displayed by all services members stationed at home and around the globe.