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The Band of the Pacific-Asia may perform for public and civic events if the event is of general interest or benefit to a local, state or national community. However, the Band of the Pacific-Asia may not participate in events that are commercially sponsored; are designed to increase business traffic or raise charitable donations; or are associated with a religious or ideological movement, such as a Christmas parade, beauty pageant or political gathering. Requestors may be required to fund the Band of the Pacific-Asia's travel, lodging and per diem expenses.

The Band of the Pacific-Asia may perform for a wide variety of public and civic events. However, these performances generally fall into one of two categories.

Patriotic openers, approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, serve to initiate the formal portion of a military, civic or governmental event. In this setting, the Band of the Pacific-Asia may perform a program of military and patriotic selections prior to the formal presentation of the Colors. The musical program must include the national anthem unless the ceremony includes a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. During patriotic openers, the Band of the Pacific-Asia may not provide music for entertainment, such as dancing music, cocktail and dinner music or concert and show music.

Public concerts in a traditional concert hall, outdoor venue or parade must be free and open to the public. However, the Band of the Pacific-Asia may perform at fairs, exhibitions and similar events with admission fees if the performance is incidental to the primary event, and no additional fee is charged to hear the Band of the Pacific-Asia play.

A religious facility is an authorized site for a public concert when the event is of community-wide interest, non-sectarian, and broadly promoted.
Air Force Band concerts must not be part of a religious service. An Air Force Band performance in a religious facility does not imply federal endorsement of any particular religion or ideology.
The Band of the Pacific-Asia provides music for official military functions and ceremonies as well as civic events and public concerts. If you represent an organization seeking support from the band or wish to sponsor a public concert, please read the guidelines on this page.
The Band of the Pacific-Asia provides music for official active duty, Guard and Reserve unit military events, such as:
  • Ceremonies
  • Award and Recognition ceremonies
  • Squadron Holiday parties, morale events, organizational days
  • Dining Ins / Dining Outs
  • Special Events
We offer a wide variety of musical products including:
  • Dinner and social music
  • Ceremonial support
  • Specialty themed shows (patriotic, country, Motown, etc)
  • Dances

For Military Performances and Ceremonies:
Director of Operations:

Master Sergeant Charles Cothran
COM: 011-81-11-311-755-2479
FAX: 011-81-311-755-3313
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