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Air National Guard Bands are the active duty band's counterparts in the Air National Guard. ANG musicians are part-time guard members with full-time civilian careers. They rehearse and perform one weekend a month and perform an annual concert tour. ANG bands are a perfect opportunity for musicians who wish to serve their country on a part-time basis. There are 5 ANG bands located throughout the Continental United States. Each band is responsible for supporting ANG units in a multi-state area of responsibility. Their locations and areas of responsibilities can be found on the right.

Air National Guard bands support the global Air Force and Air National Guard missions by providing musical products and services to the ANG, the USAF, and the community. They produce programs to maintain the morale and esprit de corps of military members, assist in recruiting programs, and provide community relations programs in communities throughout the United States and on international tours.

ANG bands enjoy a rich history of service to the Air Force. Most were constituted as active duty bands in the Army Air Corps during World War II. They were deactivated and re-designated as ANG bands in the early days of the Air Force. ANG bands belong to a state's National Guard. The Governor is Commander-in-Chief and the Adjutant General supervises band operations to ensure that performances are spread equitably throughout the band's area of responsibility.

Air National Guard bands cover a multi-state geographic region. ANG bands meet two days per month and tour two weeks per year in support of community relations, troop morale and esprit de corps, ceremonies, and recruiting.

ANG Band of the Midwest
(566th Air Force Band) 
2412 South Falcon Blvd
Peoria IL 61607-5004
phone (309) 633-5851 
Area: IA, IL, MN, WI, MI, IN, MO, ND, SD, NE 

ANG Band of the South 
(572nd Air Force Band) 
404 Brisco Drive
McGhee-Tyson ANGB TN 37777-6208
phone (865) 336-4572 
Area: KY, MS, TN, VA, AL, FL, GA, NC, SC

ANG Band of the Southwest
(531st Air Force Band)
200 Hensley Avenue
Carswell Field
Fort Worth TX 76127-1672
phone (817) 852-3565 
Area: LA, NM, OK, TX, AZ, CO, KS, AR

ANG Band of the West Coast
(561st Air Force Band) 
107 Mulcahey Drive
Port Hueneme CA 93041-4013
phone (805) 986-7880 
Area: CA, NV, UT, WY, MT, ID, WA, OR 


ANG Band of the Northeast 
(553rd Air Force Band)

1-505 Adams St
Building 505
Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003
Phone (717) 861-1109


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