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ANG Band of the Midwest

Performing an exciting and diverse musical repertoire that preserves our national heritage as Americans, the Air National Guard Band of the Midwest instills patriotism, national pride, and esprit de corps. An integral component of the Air Force's Public Affairs Triad, the Band of the Midwest performs a vital role in communicating the message and professionalism of today's United States Air Force and Air National Guard: In the words of General Carl A. Spaatz, the first USAF Chief of Staff, "Public support is as essential to effective air power as industries, airplanes, and airmen." 

Stationed at the Peoria Air National Guard Base and attached to the 182nd Airlift Wing, we serve as musical ambassadors of the Midwest. All of our highly trained musicians are citizen-soldiers, performing with the Air National Guard Band of the Midwest only two days per month, and traveling on a two-week performance tour in the summer. While our primary Area of Responsibility encompasses Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the Band of the Midwest has also traveled and performed extensively for both civilian and military audiences, to include presidents, nobility, and dignitaries throughout the United States and the world.

Whether you are here to learn about sponsoring a concert performance in your community by one of our fine musical ensembles, or are interested in auditioning for the Air National Guard Band of the Midwest, I encourage you to look at the quality of our program...and even more so, the quality of our people. Enjoy!

Air Force bands support the global Air Force mission in war and peace by preserving national heritage providing professional musical products and services for official military, recruiting and community relations events.

· We're a team of Air Force professionals building the world's most respected music program. 
· Reaching an increasingly diverse global audience 
· Exploiting state-of-the-art technology 
· Communicating Air Force excellence 

· Enhance airman morale, esprit de corps, and retention. 
· Inspire patriotism, support Air Force recruiting, and encourage young men and women to serve in the military. 
· Increase public awareness and understanding of the armed forces and the mission, policies, and programs of the Air Force, enhancing public trust and support. 
· Strengthen the reputation of the Air Force as a good neighbor, a respected professional organization charged with part of the responsibility for national security.

Concert Band 
Harmony in Blue
Ceremonial Band 
Permanent Party 
Protocol Combo
Chamber Ensembles

ANG Band of the Midwest
(566th Air Force Band)
2416 S. Falcon Blvd.
Peoria, IL 61607

Phone: (309) 633-5851
Fax: (309) 633-5890

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