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Over fifty years ago in October of 1941, what is now the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific was established at Eglin Field, Florida, with a cadre of one sergeant and two corporals. During World War II, the band was stationed in such places as Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, Guadacanal, The Solomon Islands, Morotai, Dutch Indies, Los Negros, Philippines and then settled on Luzon Island, Philippines at Clark Air Base. Finally, in July of 1988 the band relocated to Japan and continued its mission in the Western Pacific from Yokota Air Base.

The band gives an average of 200 performances a year for over 200,000 people. In its travels, the band has performed in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Laos, and regularly tours Korea and Japan.

The band's performances have included programs for His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyage of Thailand and musical support for the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. Other notable events have included the Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland, the Sapporo International Snow and Ice Festival, the Centennial Celebration of Korean and American relations, the Asian Aerospace Air show in Singapore, VP 50 and 60 Celebrations in Townsville, Australia, the International Marching Festival at the Tokyo Budokan, and Aloha Days in Honolulu, Hawaii. Most recently, in July 2005, the US Embassy in Thailand invited the band to tour Thailand for two weeks as musical ambassadors, as a way of thanking the Thai people for their help during the Vietnam War.

The band name was officially changed to The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia on May 1, 1997. The band is currently staffed by 24 full time, professional musicians who fulfill community relations and military functions throughout the Western Pacific region. The band is made up of the rock music groups Pacific Trends and Final Approach, the jazz ensemble Pacific Showcase, the flexible quintet Pacific Brass, and other protocol groups. In addition to being musical ambassadors, members are also assigned to one or more of the administrative sections within the band.

Our mission is to support the global Air Force mission in war and peace by fostering our national heritage and providing professional musical products and services for our official military, recruiting, and community relations events.

The USAF Band of the Pacific-Asia is proud to work hand in hand with bases in our area of responsibility to support troop morale and ceremonial initiatives. Please click here to find information about PACAF military installations which we support. If your question relates specifically to the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia and you cannot find the answer on this website, please visit our Contact Us page and message the Public Affairs Representative.

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