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Compact disc recordings by the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia are approved by the Department of the Air Force for use in public service broadcasting, recruiting, educational activities, troop morale and retention. Our recordings are not for sale, but are distributed to radio stations, public libraries and educational institutions throughout the United States.

If you are a librarian, educator or public service broadcaster, we would be delighted to send you a collection of recordings by the United States Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia. We only ask that you place them in your organization's permanent holdings so that all in your community may enjoy them for years to come. If you are interested in obtaining a recording for your library please click here to get in touch with our public affairs representative (in the drop-down menu). Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Because our recordings are produced in limited quantities, we are not able to honor requests for copies from individuals wanting them for their personal collection. Instead, we ask that you borrow the compact disc of your choice from your local public library. If your library's collection does not contain recordings by The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia, simply ask the librarian to request them from us. We will send a collection to be included in the library's holdings. By requesting Air Force Band recordings through your local library, you can help make our music available to everyone in your community.

Please note that all audio links published below contain material that is either public domain or an original composition by a current or former member of the USAF Band of the Pacific-Asia. If you are a copyright owner to material posted below, please visit our contact page and ask our webmaster to remove the content.