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ANG Band of the South

Commander and Conductor
Lieutenant Colonel Roger Mills
Senior Enlisted Leader
Senior Master Sergeant Traci Carico
Senior Master Sergeant Patrick Hydo
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant Andrew McDonald
Senior Airman Nina-Sophia Pacheco
Technical Sergeant Michelle Hoffman
Technical Sergeant Elisa Wardeska
Staff Sergeant Carolyn Dempsey
Bb Clarinet
Senior Master Sergeant Traci Carico
Technical Sergeant Joshua Clark
Technical Sergeant Jamie Yeargin
Staff Sergeant Michaela Cundari
Senior Airman Leslie Sullivan
Airman First Class Christine Traigis
Staff Sergeant Layla Marshall
Bass Clarinet
Master Sergeant Amy Dix
Alto Saxophone
Master Sergeant Christopher Walker
Master Sergeant James McDonald
Tenor Saxophone
Staff Sergeant Andrew Cummings
Master Sergeant Michael Thomas
Master Sergeant David Diamond
Technical Sergeant Chris Chance
Staff Sergeant Leslie Dix
Staff Sergeant Robert Groves
Staff Sergeant Jonathan Thurston
French Horn
Senior Master Sergeant Patrick Hydo
Technical Sergeant Lori Reeves
Technical Sergeant John Champney
Staff Sergeant Nicholas Golding
Master Sergeant David Fairchild
Technical Sergeant Daniel Stone
Technical Sergeant Robert Milligan
Technical Sergeant Matthew Adams
Staff Sergeant Lawrence Terry
Staff Sergeant Caleb Matthews
Staff Sergeant Alex Colclough
Technical Sergeant Andrew Thompson
Staff Sergeant Tony Watson
Technical Sergeant Duane Farnham
Technical Sergeant Jason Gann
Staff Sergeant Wes Robertson
Staff Sergeant Nathan Williamson
Senior Airman Jose Ramirez
Sound Engineer
Technical Sergeant James Brannon

ANG Band of the South
1812 Handly Ave
McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN 37777
Email us at!