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Max Impact Performs at Upcoming Air Force 70th Birthday Week Tattoo

Washington, D.C. -- Max Impact is currently preparing their musical selections for the 2017 Tattoo, celebrating the Air Force's 70th Birthday. On September 13 at 7:00 p.m., the Air Force will demonstrate its powerful legacy of breaking barriers since 1947.

As a contribution to the Air Force's heritage of unprecedented excellence, Max Impact takes pride in their participation in the 70th birthday week Tattoo. Having begun a new tradition of writing and performing original patriotic music, the six-piece, premier rock band will showcase two of their newest original songs, highlighting a few strategic missions of the number one Air Force in the world.

Superintendent and vocalist Senior Master Sgt. Ryan Carson explains,

"Military ceremonies and more specifically, Tattoo ceremonies, have traditions steeped in a 300-year history of excellence. Max Impact is honored to highlight the innovation of our nation's Airmen during this historical event, and proud to represent the greatest asset of our Air Force: its Airmen. You can't add to history, but you can create it!"

The history of a military tattoo dates back to the 30 Years' War during the 1600s. Throughout this time of conflict, drummers were sent out to notify soldiers it was time to return to their barracks, or temporary shelters. Over the centuries, this process transformed into a form of entertainment, which would eventually evolve into the extravagant ceremonial production it is today.

The USAF Band's producer, Chief Master Sgt. Jebodiah Eaton ensures the massive production of this event will run smoothly.

"The USAF Band and the USAF Honor Guard will present an hour-long program that has both ceremonial and entertainment production aspects. All of this synergistic Air Force messaging is happening on the ground while multiple USAF aircraft fly overhead."

Last year Chief Eaton successfully organized a group of Air Force Special Operations Pararescue specialists to land on the lawn during Max Impact's memorable performance on military tactical vehicles (LMTV's).

This year, the event will also feature a few notable big-band performances from the U. S. Air Force Band's Airmen of Note, followed by thrilling flyovers and a fireworks display for the grand finale.

In addition, The United States Air Force Honor Guard will showcase a professionally choreographed sequence of jaw-dropping weapons maneuvers, precise tosses, sophisticated weapon exchanges, and a walk through the gauntlet of spinning weapons. 

Colonel E. John Teichert, Commander of the 11th Wing, will commemorate the Air Force Birthday week official Tattoo at the Joint-Base Anacostia-Bolling ceremonial lawn.

DOD cardholders may reserve free tickets on Eventbrite for a special showing on September 13th. Additionally a live stream of the Air Force 70th birthday week official Tattoo can be viewed at September 14th at 7:00 p.m. EST.