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The official song of The United States Space Force

The United States Air Force owns the exclusive copyright to "Semper Supra", the official song of The United States Space Force.
Copyright Registration - 


Words by James W. "Jamie"  Teachenor, II.
Music by James W. "Jamie" Teachenor, II and Sean Nelson.
 "Semper Supra" (c) 2022 United States Department of the Air Force.  All rights Reserved"



Attention - Audio file use


Free audio files for private use only!

You are authorized to listen/download Semper Supra for personal use per copyright law.  You are not authorized to upload Semper Supra to any social media site, DSP (YouTube, Spotify, etc), or distribute in any way without the express written consent of the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, Band Support Manager.  This includes restrictions on DoD members as well as civilian partners.

For commercial/business use and sheet music requests, please click below to apply for a license.