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***Please read the following page in its entirety before applying...and keep it open for tips/tricks/instructions.  Common questions are answered throughout.

Education/501c3 Requests

Band & Choir directors (community ensembles, school ensembles, etc) and most non-commercial/501c3 type entities...we have:

 - Concert/Marching Band sheet music
 - Choral (SATB) with Piano Accompaniment sheet music

You will receive a Performance/Arranging license.  
You can then arrange and perform "Semper Supra" live in public. (Cannot receive revenue and license does not allow for recording or posting to social media.  Only live performances authorized.)

Commercial/Business Requests

Commercial partners: We currently offer the following fee-based licenses: 

DLH instructions

Instructions for: DLH (Direct licensing hub website)

*Keep this tab/window open for reference while you apply.  See example image below.


  • Click on "Apply for a license" link located below the login fields
  • LICENSEE REGISTRATION PAGE: Fill in all required fields with the small red star.
  • LICENSEE NAME: is the COMPANY/SCHOOL DISTRICT/GROUP requesting a license. (Do not put your contact info here.  Do not type your HS/MS name....just the school district name.)
  • CONTACT NAME: is you or anyone you designate.  This is the POC (point of contact). 
  • PHONE NUMBER: in this format only: xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • WEBSITE: If you do not have a website, please type:
  • EMAIL: please double check you spelled your email correctly
    ****ATTENTION!**** After you input your email address, a hidden "password" field will show up immediately after the email field.  Please type in a password of your choosing.
  • MAILING ADDRESS: of the company/school. (Not POC's personal address)
  • TAX ID: If you do not have a Tax ID, please input 9 zeros
  • LOGO: not needed
  • REGISTER BUTTON: click button when finished with form. You may not see any response for a few seconds.  Please be patient.
    • If domain error pops up, (caused from multiple gmail, yahoo, etc email addresses) please ignore and continue filling out
    • Go to your email and verify account. (May take 5-10 minutes to arrive)
  1. DLH LOGIN PAGE...(After verifying acct access)
  • Log into your verified account. 
  • PREFERENCE PAGE - Confirm selections on page.  Click "Save Changes"
  • BRAND PAGE - Select "USSF Music Licensing" from dropdown menu.  Click "Continue"
  • COMPANY DETAILS - Confirm/edit/fill-in all information on this page
    • Title, describe project, sheet music copies, organization/employer, deadline, email settings
    • The point of contact (POC) is your name
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Please ensure you have DLH notifications (found in "settings" on DLH website) set as "Always" for all fields.
  • ​Click "Submit"

DLH Account Creation Example

DLH account creation imageAdd Content...

DLH Tips

  • The company/school district/group is the licensee (not the POC's name)
  • Agreement will be sent and signed via DocuSign.  (Please be prepared to upload/download documents in PDF format.)  If you have any questions, please contact the Band Support Manager.
  • School districts: Please fill out only one request per school district.  Do not fill out for each HS/MS/Jr High/Ele.  Only one representative from the district should apply. (The band/choir director can be representative)
  • Colleges: Please fill out only one request for the entire music department.  Only one person from the college/university (Dean of music, director of bands, etc) should apply.
  • Please ensure you have email notifications (found in "settings" on DLH website) set as "Always" for all fields.


Sheet music and commercial use License Request Link

Click here to request license AFTER you have read through the instructions. Thank you!
Click here button

Please allow up to 4 weeks for approval and processing.  This department has limited staffing.