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A podcast series by the United States Air Force Band, Washington, D.C., examining the connection points between music, the military and storytelling.

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Episode 7: "Connecting with the Air Force Recruiting Service"

Master Sgt. Brooke Emery speaks to two members of Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) as they reflect on their time in service, discuss ARFS's long standing partnership with Air Force Bands, and explore the challenges currently facing military recruiters.

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Episode 6: "A Conversation with Chris Potter"

As part of our ongoing Guest Artist spotlight, Master Sergeant Ben Patterson talks with jazz legend Chris Potter about his music and career.

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Episode 5, "A Conversation With Aaron Diehl"

This episode features a conversation with classically trained pianist and composer Aaron Diehl. In the episode, he discusses his approach to music, his career and what pushes him forward as an artist. Mr. Diehl was a featured musician on The United States Air Force Band's Guest Artist Series.

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Episode 4, "The Legacy of Glenn Miller"

In honor of the 75th anniversary of his disappearance, we examine how The USAF Band's Airmen of Note embodies the legacy of Major Glenn Miller and his Army Air Force Band, and we talk with one of Miller's biggest fans about why his music remains so compelling.

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Episode 3, "Paths to Service: Veterans in Their Own Words"

To commemorate Veterans Day 2019, we feature the stories of veterans: how they entered the service, how they served, and reflections on their time in the military. This episode features the current Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. David L. Goldfein, as he tells about his own path to service.

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Episode 2, "Taps"

Bugle call expert and former Air Force bandsman, Jari Villanueva, discusses the history of Taps. Drum major of The U.S. Air Force Band's Ceremonial Brass, Senior Master Sgt. Daniel Valadie, describes the three parts of a full honors funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Episode 1, "American Patriotic Music: Red, White, Blue and Greenwood"

In this episode, host Master Sgt. Brooke Emery discusses the history of American patriotic music with members of The U.S. Air Force Band. She brings the discussion to modern patriotic songs through an exclusive interview with the iconic country music singer Lee Greenwood. He shares stories about his most famous hit, "God Bless the USA," and explains what it is like to serve as a musical ambassador for America.

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