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A three-part graphic created to show three scenes of the Heritage of America Concert Band. There is a blue border around the outside and between the images. On the left is a close photo of a tuba player, in the center a trumpet player performs in light blue uniform in front of an American flag, and on the right the full concert band sits on a dark stage illuminated by bright lights. White text above them all reads "Concert Band" in italics.For nearly eighty years, the USAF Heritage of America Concert Band has entertained, educated and inspired millions across the east coast. The band has performed at thousands of high-profile community outreach and military events, produced over 55 highly-acclaimed recordings and collaborated with many world-renowned artists. The band is often featured on television, radio and social media, conveying the Air Force core values of integrity, service and excellence.

The Concert Band is comprised of 45 professional Airmen who captivate audiences by telling the Air Force story, and also performing numerous renditions of great symphonic classics, marches, Broadway hits, jazz standards, movie music and patriotic favorites. In addition to performing standard repertoire, the Band is also a champion of new music, embodying the spirit of innovation that is inherent in today’s Air Force.
Through the universal language of music, we HONOR all who have nobly served in the United States Armed Forces past and present - both at home and around the world. We INSPIRE Americans by displaying the highest level of professionalism, military precision, artistry and excellence.  We RECRUIT our nation's best and brightest, spotlighting the vast opportunities available in the Armed Forces. Finally, we CONNECT with audiences by building lasting community partnerships, instilling pride and patriotism in all those who see us, and demonstrating American values to the world.