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About the USAF Bands Program

Mission- Honoring heritage, inspiring trust, connecting people ... promoting Air Mobility Command and the United States Air Force.

CEREMONIAL HONORS.  Acting as official representatives of the United States and the United States Air Force with the presentation of formal musical honors in state events and military ceremonies.
- AIRMAN MORALE.  Providing Air Force leaders an effective and efficient means of building, maintaining, and strengthening morale and readiness.
- PUBLIC TRUST AND SUPPORT.  Strengthening the bonds between the Air Force and the public through a wide range of events designed to engage communities, opinion leaders, and the media.
- GLOBAL INFLUENCE AND DETERRENCE.  Influencing international perceptions of the United States and the United States Air Force targeting audiences in efforts to build partnerships and open lines of communication.

Objectives of the Air Force Bands Program

-Foster, enhance and lift the morale and esprit de corps of Airmen in the United States, outside the United States, and forward deployed locations.

-Increase public understanding of the importance of airpower, the mission, policies, and programs of the Air Force and the bravery, sacrifice and dedication of Airmen.

-Inspire patriotism and encourage young men and women to serve in the Air Force or other branches of the military. 

-Foster a deep appreciation of the rich history and legacy of the Air Force. 

-Strengthen relationships with a variety of publics to enhance the reputation of the Air Force as a respected professional organization charged with an integral role in maintaining U.S. national security.

-Advance international relationships, using music to bridge language, cultural, societal, and socio-economic differences.

About the USAF Band of the Golden West

The United States Air Force Band of the Golden West is stationed in the San Francisco Bay area at Travis Air Force Base, California. The only active duty Air Force band west of the Rockies, the Band of the Golden West is comprised of about 60 talented and versatile Airmen-musicians under the command of Captain Rafael F. Toro-Quiñones. In addition to performing for civilian communities throughout the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, the band supports 13 Air Force Bases, 8 Air Force Reserve Wings, and 6 recruiting squadrons in over 250 annual performances for 1.5 million listeners.

The organization offers several outstanding performing groups: Concert Band, Ceremonial Marching Band, Commanders jazz ensemble, Mobility popular music ensemble, Travis Brass quintet, Golden West Winds woodwind quintet, and Galaxy popular music ensemble. Additionally, the Band of the Golden West provides solo vocalists for the performance of our National Anthem and solo buglers for Taps details.

The Band of the Golden West has performed for gubernatorial inaugurations, with guest artists such as Marvin Stamm, Arturo Sandoval and Bob Hope, and for the fans of Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Infineon NASCAR races. In the last ten years the band has led off three Tournament of Roses parades in Pasadena, CA. In 2004, the USAF Band of the Golden West was honored to support the interment ceremony of President Ronald Reagan in Simi Valley, CA, an event, viewed by a global TV audience of over 400 million. More recent events include featured performances with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Pentatonix.

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