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The Sammy Nestico Award

Requirements: An unpublished original composition for jazz ensemble instrumentation (5,4,4,4). Style and form are unrestricted. Length of the composition should not exceed 9 minutes (including solo sections).

Eligibility: Citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States, age 39 or younger as of January 1, 2023. Current military personnel (whether Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve) and civilian employees of the U.S. Government are not eligible to apply.

Deadline: April 27, 2024.

Entry Materials: Please send a full score in PDF format, with composer’s name and title removed from the work. The PDF file should be saved using the following convention: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME_TITLE.pdf. Please include a reference recording. Live recordings are greatly preferred, but MIDI versions will be accepted. Composer will retain all ownership/publication rights. The U.S. Air Force Band will neither publish nor distribute compositions. All applicants should send email correspondence and submission materials to:

Award: $2,400 follow-up commission. The winning composition or commission will be performed at an Airmen of Note concert.