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Air Force Bands
Airman Musician Requirements

Performers -- instrumentalists, vocalists, audio engineers -- fulfill their Air Force commitments as enlisted professionals. To be accepted, they must have a high school diploma (minimum requirement) and pass a live audition. Non-prior service applicants must enlist before their 40th birthday and pass the written and physical exams of the Air Force.

For more information, see the Premier Bandsmen Audition page and the Regional Bandsmen Audition page.

Conductors fulfill their Air Force commitments as commissioned officers. To be accepted, they must have at least a bachelor's degree in music, pass a live audition, and be qualified to be a commissioned officer of the United States Air Force. Applicants also must be a United States' citizen and must be under 40 years of age on the date of commissioning. For more information, see the Officer Audition page.

Typical profiles of recent auditionees are

Average Age:27
Education: Master's Degree or more
Years of Experience: 4 or more
Instrumentalist/Vocalist/Sound Engineer:
Average Age:25
Education: Bachelor's Degree or more
Years of Experience: 1-9

Only the best are selected to perform rock, jazz, and classical music with Air Force bands. To adapt to the demands of each unique performance situation, Air Force bands are exceptionally versatile. They are filled with highly experienced and talented musicians often selected from our nation's finest universities, conservatories, and colleges. Fully 80% of Air Force band officers possess a master's degree and 10% possess a doctorate. More than 90% of our enlisted musicians possess a bachelor's degree; 45% possess advanced graduate degrees.

Vocalists must be well-rounded entertainers. They are often featured soloists in our concerts or shows and must be quite diverse in ability to sing many musical styles (classical, pop, jazz, Broadway, and country). Instrumentalists must also be versatile. This is especially true for keyboard and rhythm players.

For further information about current openings and career opportunities in music, call Air Force Bands at 703-692-8168