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Colonel "Example Bio"

Instructions on how to make a bio page for a new member.

INFORMATION section: (at top of this page)
1 - the "title" is their first/last name only. (You can include a middle initial or suffix if the member prefers)

2 - "Rank" section is required.  select their current rank only.

3 - "Rank History Title" - THIS SECTION IS MOSTLY FOR OFFICERS/COMMANDERS ONLY. Not for enlisted band members.  I would limit this to CC and CV.  Not for managers/superintendents/shirts unless your leadership requires it.  I'll explain further down how to use it.

BODY section:
This is their bio history.  Please adhere to your squadron policy on design/layout.  You can copy/paste from Word, but....caution on special characters appearing correctly and please paste in "plain text" only.  

You can play with the body section settings above (it's a lite version of Word...very lite version), but I suggest for simplicity and continuity  to leave the settings alone, so your future webmaster successor doesn't have to deal with a ton of custom HTML coding.

MEDIA section:
Then, in media sectioin, you must upload their official photo (from PA?) into Shared Media Manager (that's what the media section is called).

photo Instructions:
1 - click the small green "+" icon with the camera icon on the right. (when you hover over it, it says "insert new media")

2 - when you chose your photo, make sure it's a jpeg/jpg and has a VIRIN file name.  That's the only way photos get uploaded for bios
2A - Then you must "finalize" the photo in the upload section. Click on "finalize". This section must be filled out before AFPIMS allows the photo on the website. 
2B - Fill out all sections. (Don't worry about "apply xxxxx to batch" check box)
2D - change "status" to "approved" (currently defaults to "Draft")
2E -  leave "type" as "photo"
2F - hover over the "Info icon" for clarification on each field (as needed)
2G - leave "categories" as "all images"
2H - "tags" not needed

3 - the photo then shows up in the media module below in "my media" (tab on the right)

4 - click on the "Select" button under the photo

5 - click on blue button, "add selected media", below the entire Media module. (This button completes the task of joining a photo with a person in their bio)
5A - The photo then shows up under media manager with a vertical green banner.  You know it's been approved and loaded for the bio now.

RANK section: (Reserved for VIP/CC/CV/et al)
Select rank, then select date of that rank (follow local guidance), click add
* You can add future promotion dates, but I'd be cautious doing that incase the promotion doesn't happen.

RELATED ITEMS section: Not needed

CATEGORY section
tags - not needed
Article categories - Air Force Bands
Global categories - BioPhoto

PUBLISH section
author - type your name
publish date - not needed. (will auto populate when you publish)

Click UPDATE - you're done!