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Master Sergeant Dorothy deTorres

Dorothy de Torres has served in the United States military since 1981, over 30 years serving in both active duty and Air National Guard capacities. She joined the Band of the Midwest in 1997. Prior to coming to Illinois she was a member of the NY and MA Guard bands. Her previous active duty band membership includes the AF Band of New England and the USAFE Band in Germany. She performs on flute and piano. She is a member of the concert band, ceremonial band, jazz band and jazz combo. In addition, MSgt de Torres is the NCOIC of Public Affairs and the NCOIC of the Concert Band. She holds degrees from Illinois State University and Sage Graduate School. She currently resides in Fithian, IL with her husband Tom and daughter Iris. She serves as a local music director of her church in Danville and plays in the Danville, Symphony.

Hometown:  Danville, IL