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Technical Sergeant Edward Stromski

Technical Sergeant  Edward Stromski grew up in Gardner, Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Music in Education degree from Ithaca College in 1976. After college, he joined the active duty Air Force in February of 1977, and his first assignment was as trombonist in the USAF Band of Mid-America at Scott AFB, Illinois. He transferred to Pease AFB, New Hampshire in 1978 as a charter member of that newly created band.

In 1979, Sergeant Stromski made a significant career shift. He left the band to become a pilot in the USAF. After Officer Training School, he attending pilot training at Williams AFB, Arizona, then served for five years as a C-141 pilot at McGuire AFB, NJ, working his way from Copilot, Aircraft Commander, Flight Instructor, and finally to Flight Examiner. He continued his military service as a C-141 pilot in the USAF Reserves while working at two major airlines, first Piedmont Airlines and later USAirways.

In 1996, Sergeant Stromski came back full circle to the band program by re-enlisting in the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast as a trombonist.  During his tenure with the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast, Sergeant Stromski has served as Safety NCO, Awards and Decorations NCO, and Unit Deployment Manager . He has twice received the coveted Bob Iovinelli Award for musicianship and leadership.

In his civilian musical gigs, he has performed with Lou Rawls, Danny Gans, Bob Hope, Johnny Mathis, Sally Struthers, Maureen McGovern, and the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.  He continues to fly for USAirways.