• Pass in Review: A Legacy of Service

    In the Fall of 2021, then-Colonel Bryony Terrell of the Joint Action Control Office at the Pentagon was in the planning stages for her promotion ceremony. Earning her first star and assuming the rank of Brigadier General, she wanted to honor the event with special music that went beyond typical

  • Spotlight on Saxophonist’s Illustrious Career

    Members of The U.S. Air Force Band are remarkably skilled, world-class musicians who exhibit the highest degree of excellence and service on missions each and every day. Saxophonist Master Sgt. Jeremy Koch is no exception. Sgt. Koch currently serves as principal saxophonist of The U.S. Air Force

  • Mission Accomplished! AFCENT Band Returns From Deployment

    In the United States, October 26 is nationally recognized as the Day of the Deployed. It is a day where we recognize the service of deployed military personnel serving around the world and the sacrifice made by the deployed members’ families. It was also around this time, October 22, that seven

  • Tips for Teachers: Improving Self-Guided Student Practice

    “How do I join the Band?” is one of the most frequently asked questions to the members of The U.S. Air Force Band. While there are many steps involved in winning a position with the Band, including the audition, the process truly begins in the early stages of learning an instrument. Diligent

  • Bandsman Helps Fellow Man, Stays Cool Under Pressure

    June 10 of this year started out as a typical day for Master Sgt. Kevin Cerovich, a trombonist with the Air Force’s premier jazz ensemble, the Airmen of Note. He was on his way to the historic Hangar Two on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, accomplishing his daily commute from Virginia on Interstate

  • The U.S. Air Force Band Names Newest Honorary Commander

    In a ceremony held at the Bolling Club on May 14, 2021, units from across the 11th Wing inducted 16 honorary commanders as part of the wing’s newly created Honorary Commanders (HCC) program. Deborah Rutter, president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., was

  • Celtic Aire Spreads Wings North

    For the first time in the group’s history, Celtic Aire, the premier Celtic and folk ensemble of The United States Air Force, headed to Alaska for a mission in the final frontier. Over the weekend of June 26 and June 27, 2021, Celtic Aire delighted audiences at the Alaska Scottish Highland Games at

  • The AFCENT Band Lifts Morale, Cements International Bonds

    Despite COVID-19, deployments for members of the United States Air Force Bands continue, as it is an essential and crucial mission for the career field. This summer, eight members of The U. S. Air Force Band will deploy as the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band, or AFCENT Band, in support of troop