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The United States Air Force Band History

The United States Air Force Band is one of the most respected, versatile and accomplished musical organizations in the world. From its humble beginnings with only three enlisted musicians assigned on October 6, 1941, to today's 184-member premier musical organization, The U.S. Air Force Band continues the tradition of representing the United States Air Force and its over 400,000 dedicated Active Duty and Air National Guard members, to a global audience. "The United States Air Force Band" is the title of the Air Force's premier musical squadron which includes the Concert Band,Singing Sergeants, the Airmen of Note, the USAF Strings, Ceremonial Brass, Max Impact, Chamber Players, and a myriad of other ensemble combinations, including rock, pop, country, and dedicated show units.

Military leaders, audience members and music educators around the globe know The Air Force Band to be one of the finest concert bands in the world. When combined with the Singing Sergeants, the unit increases its capability to appeal to a broad-based audience via instrumental and vocal music.The United States Air Force Band conceived and pioneered the concept that a musical organization can be a nation's most effective goodwill ambassador. These combined ensembles truly earned the band its title as "America's International Musical Ambassadors," earned via 12 international concert tours, covering 48 countries and 40 world capitals on five continents. During these tours, they proudly represented the people of the United States of America, the US Department of State, and the United States Air Force to foreign countries and audience members on a global scale.

The United States Air Force Band and its components have performed live for over 60,000,000 people of every race,color, creed, religion and ideology.Additional millions have heard them through numerous radio and television appearances. By giving a first-hand insight into American culture, the musicians have created a better understanding among the peoples of the world. The United States Air Force Band is a musical organization that merits its reputation as"America's International Musical Ambassadors," for it is truly one of the most potent instruments of goodwill at the command of the American people.


75th Anniversary

The U.S. Air Force Band Diamond Celebration History Book
You may click each of the three links below to download a PDF file of each section of the book which chronicles our organization's 75 years.

Download Part 1 
A Wartime Birth (1940-1945)
The Golden Age of Radio (1946-1949)
America's International Musical Ambassadors (1950-1963)

Download Part 2
"The Force of Destiny" (1964-1985)
Hands Across the Sea (1985-1990)

Download Part 3
Golden Anniversary (1991-1995)
Fanfare for a New Era (1995-2002)
"What is Past is Prologue" (2002-2009)
Off We Go! (2009-2012)
Innovations (2012-2016)
Diamond Anniversary Celebration (1941-2016)