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Careers in the United States Air Force band

Imagine earning your living performing for audiences all around America and for the leaders of the world - using your talent to serve our nation. You can do all this and more as a member of The United States Air Force Band.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Career Information

Located in Washington, D.C., The United States Air Force Band employs more than 180 professional musicians, including vocalists, percussionists, string players, electric guitarists, pianists, brass and woodwind players. The Air Force Band also has a staff of music arrangers, composers and copyists who create many of the works performed by the Band. Additionally, a team of highly trained sound engineers makes the Band sound great by using the latest in audio equipment and techniques. 

As the Air Force's premier musical organization, The United States Air Force Band has wonderful opportunities for highly talented musicians. If you are pursuing a career as a musician or are currently a working professional, we invite you to read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about The Air Force Band and the many benefits of membership in the organization. You may also browse our listing of current openings and auditions or contact the Band's audition staff with your questions. 

Regional Band Vacancies

Regional band vacancies and AF Bands Program careers information can be found at https://music.usaf.mil/Careers/

Current Openings

Piano, Concert Band
Audition date: August 22, 2018
Materials due: July 6, 2018
Piano Audition Flyer
Piano Audition Requirements

Tenor Vocalist, Singing Sergeants
Audition date: August 29, 2018
Materials due: July 10, 2018
Tenor Vocalist Audition Flyer
Tenor Vocalist Audition Requirements 

Drumset/Percussion, The USAF Band
Audition date: September 11, 2018
Materials due: August 7, 2018
Drumset/Percussion Audition Flyer
Drumset/Percussion Audition Requirements

Pop/Rock Male Vocalist, Max Impact
Audition date: October 10, 2018
Materials due: August 27, 2018
Audition Requirements

Pop/Rock/Country/Top 40 Female Vocalist, The USAF Band
Audition date: October 9, 2018
Materials due: August 27, 2018
Audition Requirements

Trumpet, Concert Band
Audition date: November 2, 2018
Materials due: September 21, 2018
Trumpet Audition Flyer
Trumpet Audition Requirements
Live Audition Repertoire

Audio Engineer (2 positions), USAF Band
Audition date: October 12, 2018
Materials due: September 7, 2018
Audio Engineer Flyer
Audio Engineer Requirements

Alto Sax, Airmen of Note
Audition Date: October 16-19, 2018
Materials Due: September 17, 2018
Alto Sax Flyer
Alto Sax Requirements

MORE INFO:  (800) 283-8995
EMAIL:  USAF Band Audition Team