Max Impact to Support Air Shows Across the Nation

In conjunction with Air Force Recruiting, Max Impact will perform at three large air shows in the coming months.(Photo by CMSgt Robert Kamholz/released)

In conjunction with Air Force Recruiting, Max Impact will perform at three large air shows in the coming months.(Photo by CMSgt Robert Kamholz/released)

Washington, D.C. --

Max Impact will deliver their dynamic and patriotic musical product at three major air shows this summer. Air shows are attended annually by millions of enthusiastic Americans of all ages and demographic, instilling a breathtaking sense of American pride in hearts of young and old alike. The high-level skills and competence of the Air Force demonstration team never fails to excite a crowd. Here is where you can catch one of our performances:


May 5-6, Power in the Pines at Joint-Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ 

May 26-27, National Salute to America’s Heroes Air and Sea Show in Miami, FL 

June 2-3, Gunfighter Skies Air Show at Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID 


This year, Max Impact will begin a partnership with Air Force Recruiting Services (AFRS), which was initiated by our superintendent and vocalist Senior Master Sgt. Ryan Carson.


Recently we have synergized our efforts with the assets and resources in AFRS.” Sgt. Carson explains. “We are excited about targeting these major events and highlighting the Air Force with our music, as well as all the awesome handouts recruiting provides to show the Air Force's capabilities. This coincides with our mission as we inspire patriotism in future recruits and the public, while at the same time paying tribute to our veterans and impacting the globe with some awesome future airmen who will carry freedom’s torch for generations to come.” 


Chief Master Sgt. Bob Kamholz, head of Marketing and Outreach for the Air Force Band, is excited about the key assets an AFRS partnership will bring to the Air Force’s overall mission. 


“The strong, strategic partnership we are building with Air Force recruiting is aimed at using our talents to create buzz around an event and amplify the message of the recruiting service,” said Chief Kamholz. “As skilled communicators, our Airmen Musicians can take the recruiting message and use it in interviews, performance scripts, and social media when supporting a recruiting initiative. In the past, we've had a lot of success with using a performance by Max Impact to draw people in to the recruiting area during an air show, which we hope gets conversations started between the recruiters and potential recruits.” 


The importance of music at air shows does not stop at partnerships. Vocalist and marketing manager Technical Sgt. Nalani Quintello shared a story about a close call that solidified Max Impact’s involvement. 


“A large crowd comes with an increased potential for mishaps if events are not coordinated responsibly,” Quintello recalled. “Last year we supported a well- attended air show on a scorching hot day in Florida. After the finale event, a mass of attendees began to accumulate in a long line, waiting to get bussed back to their vehicles. Realizing there were not enough busses to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion, Max Impact performed a two-hour impromptu concert near the exit as people were waiting.” The unplanned performance appeared to alter the mood of the tired air show attendees.

“Many of them decided to leave the lines and join us near the stage. Fortunately our role avoided a mass chaos of unhappy patrons.” 


Follow Max Impact’s performance schedule on Facebook or the U.S. Air Force Band website. Summer is right around the corner, so dig out your lawn chairs and sunglasses and get ready to watch your U.S. Air Force soar into the skies- all the while enjoying an upbeat concert of classic Americana!