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TAPS ACROSS AMERICA: The National Moment of Remembrance

SrA Katherine Tonkin performing Taps on Memorial Day

SrA Katherine Tonkin performing Taps on Memorial Day at Ft. Indiantown Gap National Cemetary.


Today, during the National Moment of Remembrance, five members of the 553d Air Force Band trumpet section performed Taps to pay tribute to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our great nation. Members performed at their homes, backyards, and local cemeteries to honor our nation's bravest heroes, in collaboration with Steve Hartman from CBS and Jari Villanueva's "Taps Across America." 

To our fallen brothers and sisters, we salute you today and everyday.

Thank you to our participants (in order of appearance): 
SrA Katherine Tonkin
TSgt Jeremy Carles
MSgt Jeff Pautz
A1C John Schmitt
SrA Galen McKinney