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USAFA Band Official Logo
The United States Air Force Academy Band
Colorado Springs, CO

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Concert Band

The United States Air Force Academy Concert Band proudly represents the Air Force Academy, the leading institution for educating, training, and inspiring men and women to become officers of character. The Concert Band is composed of 40 active-duty Air Force professionals and is one of nine Academy Band ensembles. In addition to performing for Air Force troop morale, recruiting, and community outreach events, the group often appears on radio and television broadcasts and presents educational performances and clinics at national music conferences. For over 60 years, the Academy Band has used the power of music to honor our nation’s heroes, inspire Air Force personnel, and the nation they serve, produce innovative musical programs and products, and communicate Air Force excellence to millions around the world. The United States Air Force Academy Concert Band appears on behalf of Lieutenant General Richard M. Clark, Superintendent, United States Air Force Academy.

Concert Band Personnel

Colonel Michael Willen, Conductor
Captain Michael Flynn, Associate Conductor

Technical Sergeant Nicole Frankel
Technical Sergeant Wonpyo Lee

Oboe/English Horn:
Master Sergeant Monica Ding
Technical Sergeant Michael Johnson

Senior Master Sergeant Heike Gazetti
Master Sergeant Nina Friedrich
Master Sergeant Robert Vitale
Technical Sergeant Michael Casto
Technical Sergeant David Halperin
Technical Sergeant Ivan Hernandez

Senior Master Sergeant John Dawson
Master Sergeant Ryan Janus
Technical Sergeant Richard Garcia
Technical Sergeant Will Nathman

Senior Master Sergeant Alejandro Vieira
Technical Sergeant Carl Gardner
Technical Sergeant Christopher Jackson

Technical Sergeant Andrew Fowler
Technical Sergeant Jack Kurtz
Technical Sergeant Benjamin Paille
Technical Sergeant Jonathan Powell
Technical Sergeant Ryan Spencer

Master Sergeant Gerald Welker
Technical Sergeant Michael Hill

Technical Sergeant Ethan Cypress
Technical Sergeant Bryan Gannon
Technical Sergeant Joseph Hudson
Technical Sergeant Jaime Parker
Technical Sergeant Evan Silloway, bass trombone

Technical Sergeant Dillon Jefferies

Senior Master Sergeant Timothy Stombaugh
Technical Sergeant Michael Coletti
Technical Sergeant Erick Eckstrom
Technical Sergeant Joseph Glassman
Technical Sergeant Katherine Yuill

Chief Master Sergeant Richad Baisden
Senior Master Sergeant Jeffrey Valentine
Technical Sergeant Matthew Horanzy
Technical Sergeant Brendan Malloy
Technical Sergeant Robert Wolfe

Technical Sergeant Scott Churchman
Technical Sergeant Michael Evangelista
Technical Sergeant Dominic Sbrega

Chief Master Sergeant Andrew Benton
Technical Sergeant Justin Cockerham
Technical Sergeant Timothy Davis
Technical Sergeant Adam Ohlson

Technical Sergeant Matthew Brooker
Technical Sergeant Serenity Holloway
Technical Sergeant Denver Murphy
Technical Sergeant Kayla Richardson

Audio Engineer:
Senior Master Sergeant John Marsh
Technical Sergeant Nicholas Palensky
Technical Sergeant Gabriel Petkaitis

Ground Transportation:
Staff Sergeant Vicent Alvarez-Montello
Senior Airmen Mily Cordova





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