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Sponsoring the Band of the Northeast for an Appearance

The Band of the Northeast regularly plays for audiences in a variety of public venues throughout Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia. Before requesting an appearance by an ensemble of the Band of the Northeast, please review the information below. 

  Band of the Northeast


Public & Civic Events

Air Force Bands may perform for public and civic events if the event is of general interest or benefit to a local, state or national community. However, Bands may not participate in events that are commercially sponsored; are designed to increase business traffic or raise charitable donations; or are associated with a religious or ideological movement, such as a Christmas parade, beauty pageant or political gathering. A religious facility is an authorized site for a public concert when the event is of community-wide interest, non-sectarian, and broadly promoted.  Air Force Band concerts must not be part of a religious service.  An Air Force Band performance in a religious facility does not imply federal endorsement of any particular religion or ideology.  With the exception of concert tour performances, requestors may be required to fund a Band's travel, lodging and per diem expenses for performances outside of their geographical area of responsibility.

Air Force Bands may perform for a wide variety of public and civic events. However, these performances generally fall into one of two categories.

Patriotic openers, approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, serve to initiate the formal portion of a military, civic or governmental event. In this setting, a Band may perform a program of military and patriotic selections prior to the formal presentation of the Colors. The musical program must include the national anthem unless the ceremony includes a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. During patriotic openers, a Band may not provide music for entertainment, such as dancing music, cocktail and dinner music or concert and show music.

Public concerts in a traditional concert hall, outdoor venue or parade must be free and open to the public. However, a Band may perform at fairs, exhibitions and similar events with admission fees if the performance is incidental to the primary event, and no additional fee is charged to hear the Band play.

Official Military Functions

Air Force Bands provide a wide range of musical support for official active duty, Guard and Reserve unit military functions. Examples include: military ceremonies, base open houses, dinings in/out, unit morale events, military recognition events, and military honors. These events promote esprit de corps, troop morale and quality of life initiatives.

For more information, contact your local band or call (703) 695-0019; DSN 225-0019.

Sponsor Information

Sponsors are invited to contact the Band of the Northeast for performance requests.  Please download and fill out the following form DD Form 2536, Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events (Non-Aviation). 

Send the form to the band via mail at 1-505 Adams St, Building 1-505, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA 17003 or email the form and/or any questions to MSgt Clay Sattazahn.

Sponsors should submit their request to the band at least 90 days before the event, but please contact us as early as possible.  Event and concert tour planning may begin as early as a year in advance.

For more information and guidelines about band performance requests, please see the USAF Outreach Requests System.


Performance Area

 The Air National Guard Band of the Northeast's performance area covers the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states of the United States. In addition to its home state of Pennsylvania, other states covered include Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Band of the Northeast Performance Area


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Great article on the power of music in the United States Air Force!!
Technical Sergeant Shawn Estes retired from service as a Euphonium player, webmaster, computer guru, and all around spectacular guy on January 13, 2019. We will certainly miss him every month, but we know his family will love seeing more of him and we thank him for 21 years of stellar service to the Air National Guard, the United States Air Force, and the United States of America.
Great video which demonstrates how the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast, and all other Air Force Bands, strive to honor, inspire, and connect across the globe.....
Happy Fourth of July from the Air National Guard Band of the Northeast. #193sow #PAAirNationalGuard
The Air National Guard Band of the Northeast celebrated Independence Day week in Bristol, RI at Independence Park on July 2, 2018. What a fantastic way to celebrate the 4th of July with a beautiful concert in the park! Come join us on July 4 at India Point Park, Providence, RI as we honor the Home of the Brave and celebrate Independence Day with patriotic favorites and spectacular fireworks!
Unfortunately tonight’s performance in Old Orchard Beach Maine has been cancelled due to heavy rains. Please come out tomorrow and join us at 6 pm for a concert at Friends of Congress, Portland!!!
Did you catch our concert at Rose Tree Park in Media tonight?? Lookout Northeast, we are coming your way!! Check out our website for performance dates, times, and locations!!
Members of our "Brass in Blue" are out spreading democracy and goodwill among our Allies in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe. Safe Travels home! Be sure to catch ALL of our musicians in our upcoming summer tour. This summer, we'll be making stops in the Philadelphia area, Maine, and Rhode Island. Check our website for the full performance schedule!
Come join us this summer for our concert tour #HomeofTheBrave. See our concert schedule at http://www.music.af.mil/Bands/ANG-Band-of-the-Northeast/Appearances/ After two concerts in the Philadelphia area, the Band of the Northeast will make our first ever appearances in Maine!

Contact Us

ANG Band of the Northeast 
(553rd Air Force Band) 
1-505 Adams St
Building 505
Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003
Phone (717) 861-1109