Air Force Bands

Air Force bands inspire immediate, positive, and long-lasting impressions of the United States Air Force and the United States of America in the hearts and minds of our audiences. Performing worldwide, our musicians honor, inspire and connect with over six million listeners at over five thousand live and televised events each year.

  • Foster, enhance and lift the morale and esprit de corps of Airmen in the United States, outside the United States, and forward deployed locations.
  • Increase public understanding of the importance of airpower, the mission, policies, and programs of the Air Force and the bravery, sacrifice and dedication of Airmen.
  • Inspire patriotism and encourage young men and women to serve in the Air Force or other branches of the military. 
  • Foster a deep appreciation of the rich history and legacy of the Air Force. 
  • Strengthen relationships with a variety of publics to enhance the reputation of the Air Force as a respected professional organization charged with an integral role in maintaining U.S. national security.
  • Advance international relationships, using music to bridge language, cultural, societal, and socio-economic differences. 

Requesting a Band

For performances in the Continental United States outside the National Capital Region, please visit the Air Force Outreach Request System.  For band support at an official Air Force function inside the National Capital Region, please call 202-767-9253.  For band support at public events and non-official military and Federal Government functions within the National Capital Region, please call 202-685-4990 or 0445.